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Cupcake Affair GmbH
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Food Principles

Food Principles

The old adage is true, it’s what’s inside that counts.  We think our cupcakes look great but it is just as important to us to focus on what goes into our cupcakes – so that they shine from the inside-out!  That’s why all our cupcakes are fresh, handmade from local, Swiss ingredients* with the minimal environmental impact on the planet.
Fresh & Handmade Products
All our bakery products are handmade with love and freshly baked each morning by our skilful team of cupcake artisans.  We believe that this ensures the highest quality and the best tasting product.
Local, high-quality ingredients
We believe that buying local, Swiss-produced ingredients* helps to support our local community and economy and minimises our environmental footprint.  Our eggs are Swiss and free-range and all our flour, sugar, butter, margarine and milk are sourced 100% from within Switzerland.
Minimal Food Waste
Like you, we hate food waste and we produce only what we think we will sell each day with the absolute minimum buffer.  This may mean that if you come at the end of the day, we have a limited choice of cakes or we have sold-out early.  Any food waste that we have at the end of the day is actively sold through price discounts or through our waste app (Too Good To Go).
*Whereever possible