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Spitalgasse 10, 8001 Zürich
076 461 04 64 E-mail [email protected]
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Bubenbergplatz 15, 3011 Bern
076 435 32 26 Email [email protected]
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Spalenberg 16, 4051 Basel
061 261 41 45 Email [email protected]
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Hintere Vorstadt 2, 5000 Aarau
078 822 00 47
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Cupcake Affair GmbH
Spitalgasse 10
8001 Zürich
[email protected]

Terms and Conditions

Cupcake Affair – Terms & Conditions
1. Ordering Lead Time
For 12 or less cupcakes, orders need to be placed  the day before. For more than 12 cupcakes orders can be taken until noon and two days beforehand.
2. Prices
Our standard cupcake prices are as follows:
– Cupcakes regular size CHF 5.90/ Bern CHF 4.95
– Cupcakes mini size CHF 3.50/ Bern CHF 2.95
For tailored cupcake orders please contact the shops via Email oder telephone in order to get a personalised quote.
3. Minimum Orders
Please be aware that for all online & advanced orders we set a minimum order amount of CHF 8.00.
4. Payment
Online orders – online orders need to be paid via credit card or pay pal unless they are picked up, in which case they must be paid in the shop.
Email or phone orders – must be paid in the shop upon pick up. For deliveries there will be a invoice with a 30 day payment notice.
5. Cancellations & Returns
For normal cupcakes (regular and mini), please provide at least 32 hours notice before the intended delivery/collection date.  Cancellations under 32 hours notice will be charged at the full amount of order total.
For customised cupcakes and cupcake tiers, please provide 1 week notice before delivery/collection date. Cancellations under 1 week notice will be charged at the full amount of the order total. Any costs of specialised material/ tools, specifically bought in for the customer’s order, which at that point is already organised by Cupcake Affair, will be charged at full price.
6. Delivery & Collection
We can deliver to most locations in and around Zürich, Basel & Bern. On request we can deliver to most locations within Switzerland.  Please contact us for a personalised quote.
7. Storage & Expiration Dates
All our cupcake toppings include cream cheese and need to be refrigerated. They hold up to two days.
8. Ingredients & Dietary Information
Our Cupcakes include dairy products and gluten unless declared differently. We use flour and chocolate that may contain traces of nuts. For further information about our ingredients please contact us via email, phone or directly in the shop.
9. Renting option of tiers
With your cupcake order, we offer the option of cupcake tier rental. Hire costs range from between CHF 15.- and 25.-, dependent on the size of the tier. We ask that you provide a deposit of CHF 100.- upon collection in cash and we will return the deposit once the tier has been returned, undamaged and complete. We reserve the right to hold back the deposit, if the tier, or parts of it, are not returned & or damaged on return. Tiers generally must be returned two days after the date of rent.